Employee Giving

Employee Giving

Dear Campus Community:

Each year, the Foundation opens the door to opportunity for students who desire to pursue their dream at Northeast Community College by providing tuition assistance, program support, and other educational needs. This is made possible through the generosity of local community members and friends of the college who have faith that their investment is making a difference. Even in a tough economy, the Foundation continues to receive gifts for student scholarships, facilities, equipment, and general support.

Employee contributions are essential for the success of the Foundation. In addition to the financial benefits mentioned above, your enthusiastic support helps foster the support of donors outside of the organization. They want to know that employees believe in the College’s mission enough to give back.

Thank you for all of your hard work and commitment to Northeast. With your help, we can all work together in building a better Northeast.


Tracy Kruse, Ph.D
Associate Vice President of Development and External Affairs

Pledge Card

Why Should I Give?

  1. I want to make a difference! We all want to support activities that have a positive impact on others. By supporting our students through scholarships, we are changing lives! Consider this: many students just simply can't afford college on their own – 81% of our students work at least part-time and 85% qualify for financial aid.

  2. If we believe in ourselves, others will too! High participation among Northeast’s own employees will provide traction and leverage in accessing private and public dollars. Philanthropists, foundations, corporations, and other private funding sources want to know what Northeast’s own employees are doing to help Northeast.

  3. Charitable donations to the Northeast Foundation are fully deductible.

  4. You can support the program or fund that means the most to you. Last year, donors to the Northeast Community College Foundation provided support in the following ways:

    • Scholarships: 205 students received Foundation scholarships totaling $129,941
    • Equipment and Program Support: $74,462

Foundation Fund List

Thanks to the following for participating in the 2013 employee campaign

Stacy Afrank
Stacey Aldag
Dan Anderson
Donna Andrew
Mike Anson
Mike Auten
Amanda Avidano
Paul Bailey
Maureen Baker
Bill Barnes
Colleen Barnes
Sara Barritt
Gary Bathurst
Jim Batt
Sarah Bauermeister
Anthony Beardslee
Dave Beaudette
R.J. Bichlmeier
Peggy Bierhaus
Derek Bierman
John Blaylock
David Bliss
Kacie Borchers
Linda Boullion
Judy Bowman
Loretta Brabec
Michaela Brauer
Tina Bredehoeft
Coleen Bressler
Tom Broekemeier
Stephanie Brundieck
Karen Casselman
Rachel Casselman
Joni Cassidy
Bob Chamberlain
Tony Chambers
Michael Chipps
Richard Chrisman
Kirk Christian
Taylor Christiansen
Heather Claussen
Bev Cleveland
Kris Coan
Mike Cooper
Doug Cromwell
James Curry
Lynn Daberkow
Pam Dahlheim
Alan Darnall
Blanca De La Torre
Julie Defor
Doug Dekker
Mandy DeLancey
Stacy Dieckman
Emily Duncan
Keith Erickson
Rich Erickson
Wayne Erickson
Anthony Faust
Tim Fenton
Deb Ferris
Marcia Field
Dawn Fosdick
Mary Louise Foster
Mike Frank
Teresa Frank
Dan Frohberg
Kevin Furstenau
Michele Gill
Heather Gregory
Jennifer Greve
Jim Gross
Shanelle Grudzinski
Sonia Haberer
Amanda Hafer
Diane Hanel
Corinna Hansen
Jennifer Happold
Sharon Hart
Terri Heggemeyer
Dave Heidt

JoAnn Henrickson
Wade Herley
Kory Hildebrand
Sandy Hilliges
Ryan Hobza
Karen Hoefler
Cara Hoehne
Anthony Hoffman
Doris Holmquist
Mary Honke
Tiffany Hopper
Steve Huber
Megan Jansen
Dale Johanson
Elizabeth Johnson
Eric Johnson
Matt Johnson
Bonnie Johnson-Bartee
Jennifer Judt
Amy Kaiser
Tere Karella
Lynda Kassmeier
Lyle Kathol
Michela Keeler-Strom
Monique Ketteler
Faye Kilday
Jeanette Klitz
John Knapp
Amy Koehler
Joan Kollars
Carissa Kollath
Lynne Koski
Tracy Kruse
Renee Krusemark
Tina Kumm
Shelley Lammers
Calvin Lamprecht
Jonathan Langlois
Connie Larson
Michael Lechner
John Liewer
Becky Lindgren
Harry Lindner
Ann Lund
Dave Lund
Makala Maple
Hilary Maricle
Keith Matthews
Stacie McCarville
Lori McClaren
Thomas McKeon
Christine McKibbon
Douglas McKibbon
Brandon McLean
Tonya Mefford
Howard Meier
Tracy Melcher
Julie Melnick
Heidi Merritt
Connie Meyer
Mary Meyer
Tony Milenkovich
Pamela Miller
Timothy Miller
Shari Moore
Corinne Morris
Stephen Morton
Brenda Mosel
Don Moser
Vickie Moser
Gregory Nelson
Roger Nelson
Theresa Nelson
Randy Neuharth
Amanda Nipp
Bob Noelle
Angela Obst
Joe O'Connell
Melissa O'Connor
Larry Oetken
Renee Peters
Lloyd Peterson
Sarah Pinkelman
Shirley Pohlman
Judy Potter
Brenda Potts
Shirley Powers
Sharlene Pranschke
Linda Prinz
Kim Radenz
Terry Ramig
Kristi Rastede
Julie Redwing
Lisa Reifenrath
Diane Reikofski
Gregg Reikofski
Les Richmond
Amy Ries
Pete Rizzo
Jim Robertson
Mike Roeber
Angela Roskeland
Brandi Rossman
Pam Saalfeld
Wayne Sager
Shawn Sayers
Curtis Scheer
Phil Schimonitz
Judy Schindler
Merri Schneider
Jim Scholten
Pattie Schuckman
Nancy Schultz
Laura Schwanebeck
Pam Schwartz
Angela Sedlacek
Vern Seier
Karen Severson
Terri Shafer
Angela Shaffer
Pam Siebrandt
Gigi Simonsen
Connie Sixta
Katie Sladky
Brenda Sock
Barb Soulliere
Lindsay Spiegel
Nancy Staub
Kathy Stover
Debb Strate
Stacy Strawn
Carla Streff
Andrea Suhr
Carol Sullivan
Darlene Svancara
Matt Svehla
Wendy Swenson
Sharyn Thomas
Gary Timm
Kim Timperley
Louise Torkelson
Tsogbayar Tsendbaatar
Kim Vanosdall
Susan Vesely
Kyle Voecks
Brad Vogt
Michele Volkman
Nell Votruba
Roger Walker
Jennifer Warneke
Brittnee Weeder
Karen Weidner
Irina Weitzmann
Beth Welke
Danny Whitlock
Tom Wiese
Makala Williams
Kathi Witherspoon
Misty Wortman
Kenneth Wurdinger
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