Administrative Professional - Office Management


You can earn an office management certificate. Note that not all courses for each program can be offered every semester.

You will need to successfully complete a minimum of 17 Credit Hours.

Required Core Courses

Core 11 Credit Hours

Course NumberCourse NameCredit Hours
ACCT 2020 Accounting with Quickbooks
Accounting with QuickBooks is a comprehensive course in computerized accounting using QuickBooks Pro software. Topics will cover service and merchandising businesses. Students will create a company, manage customers and vendors, record receivables and payables, sales and sales tax, purchases and inventory, reconcile bank and credit card accounts, process payroll, maintain asset, liability and equity accounts, close books and perform routine company maintenance. Must have working knowledge of MS Office.
BSAD 2510 Organizational Behavior
Provides practical approach to acquiring supervisory skills and human relations skills in the managerial area. Covers effective employer-employee communications, handling problems, employee motivation, discipline practices, employee rating methods, and labor relations.
BSAD 2520 Principles of Marketing
A study of the development of an effective marketing program including consumer behavior, product, pricing, distribution, and promotional strategies.
BSAD 2700 Business Law I
Practical course regardless of the subsequent occupation of the student, covering contracts, negotiable instruments, sales and mortgages of personal property.

Suggested Elective Courses

Electives 6 Credit Hours

Course NumberCourse NameCredit Hours
ACCT 1210 Principles of Accounting II
This course is a continuation of ACCT 1200 Principles of Accounting I and includes accounting for businesses organized as corporations, cash flow statements, accounting for manufacturing businesses, preparing and using accounting data for management decision making, and analyzing and interpreting financial statements.
BSAD 2010 Personal Insurance
Students in the personal insurance course will explore property and casualty insurance in three segments: automobile insurance, homeowner's and residential insurance, and personal-human loss prevention. Students will collaborate on group projects for a deeper understanding of personal insurance principles. Resources will be provided for additional independent study at the interest of the student.
BSAD 2020 Commercial Insurance
This course will explore the fundamentals of commercial insurance and its application. Students will gain knowledge of commercial coverage forms and endorsements. Topics covered are commercial property, business income, commercial crime, equipment breakdown, commercial general liability, commercial auto, business owners, farm, workers' compensation and employers' liability.
BSAD 2320 Agency Operations
The course focuses on the producer's office environment and the ability to use sales management techniques as a means to identify and sell to selected markets. Students learn to apply management principles to the business of running an agency.
BSAD 2180 Advertising
Utilizes marketing concepts to recognize and develop an effective advertising campaign. Activities include creating simulated advertisements using various print and broadcast media.
BSAD 2240 Principles of Insurance
This course will examine the field of insurance, risk and risk management, and the basic provisions of various types of insurance-accident, casualty, health and life.
BSAD 2250 International Business
Designed to assist students in development of appreciation, knowledge, skills, and abilities needed to live and work in a global marketplace.
BSAD 1600 Real Estate Principles and Practices
Introduction to real estate with reference to estates in land, acquisition of title, legal instruments used in real estate transactions, real estate markets, ownership, interests, contracts, closing transfers, financing brokerage, management, appraising, developing, and government influences in real estate.
BSAD 2130 Salesmanship
Deals with sales as a career and the application of professional selling techniques. Topics include the duties and responsibilities of a professional salesperson, the development, planning and implementation of a sales presentation, role-playing activities, and the various techniques and methods involved in making a sale.
BSAD 2140 Principles of Banking
This course is to provide entry-level bankers with information they need to provide effective service to their customers, thereby having an impact on banking profitability. This information includes how banks affect the economy, why they are in business, what services they provide, and how they provide them. Students also get a basic understanding of the interrelationships of various departments within a bank.
SOCI 2150 Issues of Unity and Diversity
This course will help students increase awareness and sensitivity of commonalities and differences among people and acquire knowledge of minority group issues and challenges. The course will prepare students to more critically, actively, and effectively participate in an increasingly diverse and global society.

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