Grants and Incentives

Business and Industry Training Grants Available through the Nebraska Worker Training Program

The Nebraska Worker Training Program is a business incentive program to support the retraining and upgrading of Nebraska’s current workforce. Training is central to preparing Nebraskans to excel in the workplace and marketplace today and in the future. The goal is to broaden the state’s skill pool through grants for training projects that help build productivity, enhance earning capacity and job security. Training improves the quality of our goods and services and provides skills needed in today’s workplaces that benefit Nebraska. Individual businesses decide the type of training needed and how long the training project will take.
All established, Nebraska, for-profit businesses that contribute to the State Unemployment Insurance Trust (SUIT) fund are eligible. Reimbursable employers to the state Unemployment System may participate if partnered in a consortium with contributory employers, with a significant percentage of those being trained coming from contributory employers.

The application consists of a one-page form that allows the Worker Training Board to review the business and the proposed training project. Northeast Community College will assist in the development and delivery of the training as approved.

Individual businesses as well as groups of businesses decide on the type and length of training needed. Grants are distributed on the basis of the business size, the type of industry, geographic location, and demand of the occupation. Employers must provide funds equal to or greater than the grant funds requested. Matching private funds, which exceed the grant funds requested, will be considered as an indication of the applicant's commitment to training. Employee wagers or equipment used in training may be considered as an in-kind contribution.

For more detailed information please contact
Tracy Melcher – Account Executive, (402) 844-7235,
Jim McCarville – Account Executive, (402) 844-7238.