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Board Policies and Administrative Procedures

The policies and procedures outlined below are designed for general information. They are not intended to create a binding agreement or contract between Northeast Community College and its employees or students. While the college intends to continue in effect the foregoing policies, procedures, and benefits, it reserves the right to make changes in content or applications as it deems advisable. These changes may be implemented whether or not they have been communicated, printed, or substituted on the Northeast Community College Web site.

The College 1000

Board of Governors 2000

General Institutional 3000

Board Policy

Administrative Procedure

BP3010 Use of College Facilities AP3010.0 Use of College Facilities Procedures
BP3020 On-Campus Solicitation and Signs AP3020.0 On-Campus Solicitation and Signs Procedures
BP3030 Ownership of Intellectual Property and Patent Policy AP3030.0 Copyright and Patent Procedures
BP3040 Institutional Memberships  
BP3050 Fraud and Whistleblower Policy AP3050.0 Fraud and Whistleblower Procedures
BP3060 Recognition Policy AP3060.0 Recognition Procedures
  AP3060.1 Achievement Award Procedures
BP3070 Records Management AP3070.0 Records Management
BP3110 Management Rights
  AP3120.0 Channel of Authority Procedures
BP3210 Campus Safety and Security AP3210.0 Campus Safety and Security Procedures
BP3220 Environmental Safety and Health
BP3222 Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) AP3222.0 Personal Protective Equipment Procedures
BP3231 Communicable Diseases AP3231.0 Communicable Diseases Procedures
BP3233 Alcoholic Beverages and Controlled Substances
BP3235 Smoking and Tobacco Use AP3235.0 Smoking and Tobacco Use Procedures
BP3237 Alcoholic Beverages and Controlled Substance Testing for Commercial Drivers License AP3237.0 Alcohol and Controlled Substance Test Procedures for Commercial Driver's License Procedures
BP3240 Firearms, Explosives and Other Lethal Weapons  
BP3250 Identity Theft Prevention Policy AP3250.0 Identify Theft Prevention Program Procedures
BP3260 Child Abuse or Neglect  
BP3310 News Releases AP3310.0 News Releases Procedures
BP3320 Privacy and Release of Information
BP3330 Publicity of Rules Affecting Students
BP3410 Marketing, Public Relations and Web Systems Communication Standards AP3410.0 Marketing, Public Relations and Web Systems Communication Standards Procedures
BP3510 Acceptable Use Policy - Electronic Resources AP3510.0 Acceptable Use Procedures - Electronic Resources
BP3520 Peer-to-Peer File Sharing Policy
BP3610 Grant Development and Management AP3610.0 Grants Development and Management Procedures

Academic Affairs 4000

Student Services 5000

Board Policy

Administrative Procedure

BP5021 Missing Student Policy AP5021.0 Missing Student Procedures
BP5031 On-Campus Solicitation of Students AP5031.0 On-Campus Solicitation of Students Procedures
BP5041 Student Memorial Gift Policy AP5041.0 Student Memorial Gift Procedures
BP5110 Admissions AP5110.0 General Admissions Guidelines and Procedures
  AP5110.1 Special Admissions Guidelines and Procedures
BP5113 Residency AP5113.0 Residency Guidelines and Procedures
BP5115 College Level Examination Program Policy AP5115.0 College Level Examination Program (CLEP) Procedures
BP5117 Evaluating the Validity of a High School Diploma AP5117.0 Evaluating the Validity of a High School Diploma Procedures
BP5120 Transfer Credit Policy AP5120.0 Transfer of Credit Procedures
BP5130 Standards of Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) Policy AP5130.0 Standards of Satisfactory Progress (SAP) Procedures
BP5135 Academic Amnesty AP5135.0 Academic Amnesty Procedures
BP5140 Student Privacy and Release of Information AP5140.0 Student Privacy and Release of Information Procedures
BP5150 Student Military Leave AP5150.0 Student Military Call-Up Procedures
BP5210 Statement of Student Responsibility  
BP5220 Standards of Conduct AP5220.0 Standards of Conduct Procedures
BP5223 Conduct of Performance Scholarship Students AP5223.0 Conduct of Performance Scholarship Student Procedures
BP5225 Law Violations  
BP5227 Alcoholic Beverages and Controlled Substances  
BP5230 Student Grievances AP5230.0 Student Grievances Procedures
BP5240 Grade Appeal Policy AP5240.0 Grade Appeal Procedures
BP5250 Acceptable Use Policy - Electronic Resources AP5250.0 Acceptable Use Procedures - Electronic Resources
BP5260 Disability Services Policy AP5260.0 Disability Services Procedures
BP5325 Military Student Tuition Assessment and Refunds  
BP5610 Student Organizations AP5610.0 Student Organization Procedures for College Recognition
  AP5610.1 Student Organization Procedures - The Charter
  AP5610.2 Student Organization Procedures - The Constitution
Constitution Template
BP5620 Curricular and Co-Curricular Travel AP5620.0 Curricular and Co-Curricular Travel Procedures
BP5711 Vaccination Policy AP5711.0 Vaccination Procedures
BP5810 Resident Housing Regulations AP5810.0 Resident Housing Regulations Procedures
BP5820 Presence and Use of Service and Therapy Animals and Pets AP5820.0 Presence and Use of Service and Therapy Animals and Pets Procedures

Business & Fiscal Affairs 6000

Human Resources 7000

Board Policy

Administrative Procedure

BP7011 Harassment/Sexual Harassment AP7011.0 Harassment/Sexual Harassment Procedures
BP7015 Workplace Threats and Violence Reporting AP7015.0 Workplace Threats and Violence Reporting Procedures
BP7020 Voluntary Separation Program

AP7020.0 Voluntary Separation Program Procedures
BP7030 Emeritus Classification AP7030.0 Emeritus Classification Procedures
BP7042 The Faculty Association  
BP7050 Disabilities and Accommodations Concerning Employment AP7050.0 Disabilities and Accommodations Concerning Employment Procedures
BP7110 Hiring Process AP7110.0 General Hiring Process Procedures
AP7110.1 Hiring Process Procedures - President
AP7110.2 Hiring Process Procedures - Vice President/Executive Director
BP7121 Nepotism  
BP7210 Employee Group Classification  
BP7222 Work Week  
BP7226 Instructional Day  
BP7231 Continuation / Amendment / Termination of Employment - Faculty  
BP7242 Staff Load (Other Than Faculty)  
BP7244 Full-Time Faculty Load AP7244.0 Full-Time Faculty Load Procedures
BP7246 Adjunct Faculty Load AP7246.0 Adjunct Faculty Load Procedures
  AP7291.0 Non-Exempt Compensatory Time
BP7312 President Evaluation AP7312.0 President Evaluation Procedures
BP7315 Employee Performance Review AP7315.0 Employee Performance Review Procedures
BP7322 Positive Discipline AP7322.0 Positive Discipline Procedures
BP7325 Employment Probation AP7325.0 Employment Probation Procedures
BP7327 Suspension, Demotion and Termination for Cause  
BP7330 Employee Resignations  
BP7335 Exit Interview Policy AP7335.0 Exit Interview Procedures
BP7342 Unauthorized Absence  
BP7412 Presidential Earned Annual Leave  
BP7413 Administrative Earned Annual Leave  
BP7415 Professional / Managerial Earned Annual Leave  
BP7417 Full-Time Classified Earned Annual Leave  
BP7419 Personal Leave  
BP7420 Sick Leave AP7420.0 Sick Leave Procedures
BP7425 Family and Medical Leave AP7425.0 Family and Medical Leave Procedures
BP7430 Emergency Leave AP7430.0 Emergency Leave Procedures
BP7440 Adoption Leave AP7440.0 Adoption Leave Procedures
BP7450 Military Leave AP7450.0 Military Leave Procedures
BP7460 Jury/Court Leave  
BP7471 Leave of Absence for Professional Development AP7471.0 Leave of Absence for Professional Development Procedures
BP7481 Leave of Absence Without Pay  
BP7502 Eligibility Standard for Employee Insurance and Retirement Benefits  
BP7510 Medical Insurance  
BP7520 Life Insurance  
BP7530 Disability Insurance  
BP7540 Workers' Compensation  
BP7552 Retirement Age  
BP7560 Retirement Benefits  
BP7565 Post Retirement Benefits  
BP7610 College Holidays  
BP7622 Employee Tuition Waiver AP7622.0 Employee Tuition Waiver Procedures
BP7630 Part-time Employee Benefits AP7630.0 Part-time Employee Benefits Procedures
BP7710 Employee Grievance AP7710.0 Employee Grievance Procedures
BP7810 Reduction in Force – Faculty AP7810.0 Reduction in Force – Faculty Procedures


Board Policy

Administrative Procedure

  Foundation Gift Acceptance


The Northeast Community College Board Policy and Administrative Procedures Manual contains information on policies and administrative procedures which govern college operations. All policies contained in the Manual are effective as of the date enacted by the Board of Governors, regardless of whether updated versions are readily available on the website. All procedures are effective as of the date approved by the President. Board policies are binding on all members of the Board of Governors, officers, employees, students and visitors to the College.

The Northeast Community College Board Policy and Administrative Procedures Manual, as amended from time to time, replaces and supercedes all previous policy manuals and handbooks. To the extent that any other College, published or non-published, guidelines or procedures are inconsistent with the Manual, the Board Policy and Administrative Procedures Manual shall control. To the extent that any policy in the Manual is inconsistent with State or Federal law, the State or Federal law shall control. Action to modify, amend or delete policies contained within the Manual requires the approval of a majority of the Board of Governors at a duly constituted public meeting of the Board. Although the online version of the Manual is continuously and expeditiously updated it may not reflect recent changes to Board policy and administrative procedures. The official version of the Manual shall be in the President’s office. Nothing contained in the Manual constitutes an employment contract, expressed or implied, or an offer to contract with any individual or external entity for any duration. Moreover, nothing contained within the Manual changes the employment-at-will status of any employee, nor creates any additional rights, remedies or expectations of continued employment.

While the Manual contains a number of fundamental policies of Northeast Community College, the Manual is not intended to cover every situation that may arise or relate to every regulation, procedure or policy of the College since its intent is not such comprehensive in scope. In the absence of applicable policy, the President is authorized to establish needed procedures which, if need to be approved as policy, shall be presented to formal approval at the next regularly scheduled Board meeting.