Board of Governors Position Vacancy

A vacancy exists for the Northeast Community College Board of Governors District I,which consists of: Antelope, Garfield, Pierce, Wayne and Wheeler Counties in their entirety; portions of Boone, precinct 19 in Cedar County, and two Madison County precincts: Meadow Grove-Jefferson-Grove-Highland precinct and Tilden-2nd Ward.

Current Board Information

A committee of the Northeast Board will receive and evaluate applications, select and conduct interviews, and make a recommendation to the full Board to fill the position for the balance of the term, which expires in December 2018. To be eligible, the candidate must be a registered voter, a resident of one of the above named counties or county precincts for at least six months, and cannot be a member of another board relating to education or another high elective office pursuant to Neb. Rev. Stat. §32-604.

Completed application forms must be submitted by the end of the day on October 13, 2017. Forms may be submitted online, or applicants may print out the form, complete it and mail it to Reikofski at 801 East Benjamin Avenue, P.O. Box 469, Norfolk, NE 68702.

Persons with questions related to this process are asked to contact a current member of the Board of Governors or the administrative offices at (402) 844-7055.

Please refer to the following board policy for more information:
BP-2113 - Number of Members/Terms of Office/Officers
BP-2120 - Board Committees
BP-2210 - Board Duties and Expectations
BP-2220 - Board Code of Ethics
BP-2221 - Violation of Board Code of Ethics
BP-2520 - Board Member Development

Board of Governors Frequently Asked Questions

Questionnaire must be completed and submitted to Diane Reikofski, Board Recording Secretary by October 13, 2017.